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  • What basic equipment does the school need to set up a NEXINEO classroom with 21 workstations?

    In the classroom, it is necessary to have a monitor, a keyboard, a mouse, a LAN network connected to each workstation, and two electrical sockets (for NEO device and monitor) for each user.

  • Geogebra, Autodesk Tinkercad and similar demanding programmes work using the supplied technology?

    We developed the NEXI GO Performance classroom specifically to work in these programmes. Geogebra and Autodesk Tinkercad were among the first to be stress tested.

  • What hardware and software equipment does the NEXINEO computer room offer?

    The NEXINEO computer room consists of a NEXI central server, NEO devices, and network elements (switch, router). Peripherals such as monitors, keyboards, and mice can also be supplied. The package includes a Windows license for the server and CAL licenses for the NEO devices, as well as the management console NEXI Board (application supporting work with students). As part of the initial configuration, we will also install all programmes according to the school's requirements.

  • Are all programmes installed on the servers or does the school have to install them?

    Each NEXI server is built and configured individually based on school requirements. During the initial configuration, the school sends us a list of all teaching applications. Our technicians install them before the delivery of technology to the school.

  • Is the server’s performance sufficient? For what use is it no longer sufficient?

    NEXI GO classrooms are performance suitable for primary schools, business and hotel academies, grammar schools, and other schools that work in simple applications, NEXI GO Performance classrooms are suitable for working in more complex programmes, such as graphics programmes such as Geogebra, Autodesk Tinkercad.

  • What is required to run an Office package?

    The Office can be deployed according to school requirements, nothing special is needed. We use, for example, Office 365, Standard 2019 or ProPlus.

  • How many workstations can be connected to one server?

    30 NEO devices can be connected to one tower server. The rack design allows the connection of hundreds of NEO devices.

  • Can the NEXI server configuration be additionally increased?

    Yes, the NEXI server configuration can be increased as required.

  • Who oversees classroom management?

    If the school has an administrator, he/she can take care of the classroom. A school can also use one of our service programmes.

  • Can NEO devices distributed in different classrooms be connected to the central server?

    Yes. The NEXINEO system is also often used for electronic class books.