The management of the entire NEXINEO system is based on the remote administration of individual NEO devices as well as NEXI servers, which significantly reduces the system administration costs.

Service care benefits:

  • You will get a high-quality high-level service report
  • Your requests are priority addressed within 48 hours from fault notification
  • Installation and updates of new programs will be provided by a trained and highly experienced technician
  • Get the upgrade of the NEXI Board management console to the latest version
  • In the event of server failure, you have access to a backup server
  • You have a strong service support and there is always someone to turn to

Service Programmes


€34 plus VAT / month

  • 3x 0.5h online ASAP support / month

€108  plus VAT / month

  • 1x online server inspection / year
  • 1x annual Upgrade of the NEXI Board Management Console to the latest version
  • 3x 1h online ASAP support / month

€210  plus VAT / month

  • 2x online server inspection / year
  • Upgrade of the NEXI Board Management Console to the latest version
  • 6x 1h online ASAP support / month
  • 1x backup NEO device at the customer's site
  • Monitoring the utilisation of components and access points, including CPU, RAM, DISK, NETWORK, THERMAL.


Hourly Rate of Service Technicians

  • NEXINEO technician service hour €34,50/hour

The listed prices are without VAT.

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