Nexi PRO

Nexi PRO is ideal if you and your students work in more demanding programmes such as Adobe Creative Cloud, Photoshop, Autodesk, SketchUp or ArchiCAD.

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    High operating savings

    Save up to 75 % operating costs thanks to the long-life of the virtual desktop devices and low service requirements.

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    Made of the highest quality components

    We build servers of the highest quality and most powerful components used in data centres.

  • windows

    Windows support

    You are working with the popular Microsoft Windows OS.


For more demanding programmes

Compared to a standard computer, you won’t experience any delay, and high performance for demanding applications is also ensured.

  • adobe
  • autocad
  • sketchup
  • archicad
  • inventor
  • 3dsmax
  • revit
  • and more...

Simple and effective

Thanks to Nexi PRO virtual computer equipment, you will no longer need classrooms full of computers or laptops. Each student only needs a monitor with a small virtual desktop device, which fully replaces the computer for everything. Just connect Nexi PRO to the back of the monitor and you can start working.



Nexi PRO uses a unique protocol for the fast transfer of audiovisual data from server to monitor. So you’ll feel no delay and can work in real time in Windows OS, as if sitting at a standard computer.


Use just like a standard computer

You can easily connect a keyboard, mouse, printer or other peripherals via 4 USB inputs. You will also find an HDMI input for connecting a monitor, power supply, and LAN network connection. The central server, to which the units are connected via a standard LAN network, ensures computing and graphics performance, and data as well. The server can be located directly in the classroom or in the school server room, from where performance can be shared throughout the school.


Server Nexi PRO

A server is an integral part of the NEXINEO solution.
You can choose from two options.


If you need to connect a larger number of users, such as an entire school, the Rack server version is ideal. In this case, we place the server in the school server room.



Tower server design is enough for you to connect a smaller number of users, for example, one classroom. In this case, the server is located directly in the classroom.

Join us and start using all Nexi PRO advantages!


Stanislav ChlepkoFounder & CEO

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