Solution advantages

  • save

    Cost savings

    Save up to 75% on operating costs thanks to the long life of NEO devices.

  • medal

    Eco-friendly solution

    The low weight of the NEO device, longer service life, as well as lower production and transport requirements ensure high savings in electronic waste and CO2 emissions, thus minimizing environmental impact.

  • power

    Unique performance

    Also suitable for graphically-demanding programmes such as Geogebra, Autodesk Tinkercad and many more.

  • health

    Healthier classrooms

    No noise, no heat radiation, less dust and less electromagnetic radiation ensure a healthier working environment.

  • prehlad-it

    Overview of what’s happening in your IT

    Thanks to a special management console, as a teacher you can easily share your desktop on the monitors of all students, display all student’s desktops on your monitor or switch to any student’s desktop.

  • security

    Maximum cyber protection

    The NEO device does not store any information locally, so low risk of theft of sensitive data or system malfunction in the event of theft.

Significant cost savings

By deploying a platform, you can reduce the costs associated with IT maintenance and recovery. The lifespan of the NEO device is up to 10 years, so after five years you needn’t change multiple computers, only update the server. It is a fraction of the cost compared to traditional solutions. There is also no operating system or software running on the NEO device that requires individual management.

In addition, the NEO device has minimal power consumption (3 – 5 W), which delivers high energy savings and savings on the purchase and operation of UPS backup power supplies.


Eco-friendly solution

NEXI GO and NEXI GO Performance solutions have the advantage of minimal response and high performance for demanding applications. So the devices exclude unnecessary hardware and contribute to a healthier work environment. NEO devices do not take up any space on or under the table, do not generate noise or heat, and do not spread dust.


Safety first

NEO device does not store any information locally, reducing the risk of sensitive data being stolen or the system malfunctioning in the event of theft. The stored data has a central server, which can be stored in a safe place with limited access and maximum protection.



The centralized solution infrastructure also means fewer failure points. NEO devices do not contain any mechanical parts such as a hard disk, fan, processor, graphics card, or a disk that could malfunction.


No need for add-on software

The central management of the NEXINEO platform provides a perfect overview of the entire system, without additional management software or hardware.