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  • We have had the NEXINEO classroom since last school year and we are very happy with it. All the teachers take turns in the classroom for almost all subjects and everyone enjoys working in the classroom. It is less energy-intensive to use than conventional desktop computers. The cooperation with NEXINEO is also excellent. There were not many problems and issues that did occur have always been rectified in a timely manner. We are glad that we have decided to use a more modern equipment of the computer room.

    Mgr. Maria Pinterova – HeadmasterElementary school Slazany

  • The NEO virtual desktop devices installed in the ICT classroom are working well, with no major faults that could not be resolved through the pre-paid service or the customer support section of the NEXINEO website. The work is easy, the teacher controls everything and the pupils work independently.

    RNDr. Nikola Chochrunova – teacher, classroom adminElementary school with kindergarten Alexandra Duchnovica, Ulic

  • Our school curriculum is focused on teaching foreign languages (English, German, Russian, French) and traffic education. We try to teach in a modern way with innovative elements. NEXINEO's technologies help us to achieve our goals. We use technology in two language classrooms and one computer lab. Teachers and pupils enjoy such a form of teaching and we have had positive feedback from parents too. We would like to thank the NEXINEO team for their excellent cooperation.

    Ing. Monika Malisova – HeadmasterElementary school Vrable, Levicka 903

  • We have been using the PC classroom for almost a year. Satisfaction so far is mainly based on efficiency – we do not waste time switching the PC on and off, the environment during lessons is noiseless, a pupil is engaged only in what the teacher allows him or her to do, we have immediate feedback and control. There is a wide range of programmes available. Energy saving and environmental friendliness are also important. In the event of a malfunction, there is a possibility of a shared solution. We are satisfied with the classroom.

    PaedDr. Marian Luptak, HeadmasterElementary school with kindergarten, Nenince

  • In terms of satisfaction with the classroom, the advantage is that young children don't have to sign in and no time is wasted signing in.

    Mgr. Ivana Hladikova – ICT methodology specialistElementary school Velke Mezirici, Oslavicka

  • I rate the NEXINEO classroom positively in terms of energy savings, installation of programs and management of individual clients. Such an environment is also clear for students and teachers. I am very positive about the remote support for initial issues.

    Michal Neterda – ICT methodology specialistElementary school Bystrice n. P., Nadrazni 615

  • We are satisfied with NEXINEO services and we intend to purchase additional NEO virtual desktop devices and equip another classroom with a higher version. Communication with NEXNEO is standard and the speed of responses to our questions is adequate.

    Mgr. Libor Vesely – Deputy HeadmasterGrammar School Bystrice nad Pernstejnem

  • As regards the implemented classroom in our school, so far we are satisfied and everything works well. Teachers appreciate good productivity of children's work, they see their own effort in their work.

    Mgr. Jiri Karas – HeadmasterBusiness Academy and Secondary Vocational School of Agriculture and Ecology, Zatec, p. o.